This painting is situated on the back wall of Our Lady Queen of Angels Chapel.  It is 20’ high by 15’ long and was executed in the traditional technique of Buon Fresco.  It honors Saint Michael the Archangel and bears the title and inscription Who Is Like God.  He is represented in a traditional iconographic manner bearing the spear in one hand and the orb with the image of Christ Pantocrator in the other.

The technique used in this fresco is unique.  In traditional fresco, at the end of each day's work, or 'giornata', the plaster is cut along a predetermined line, to be joined the following day to the wet plaster of a new giornata.  In this fresco, the artist chose to incorporated the cuts in the design of the composition, thus creating a three dimenssional effect.  

The textural contrast between the smooth plaster of the fresco and the rough 'arricio' substrate, the dynamic line of the cuts, and the play of shadow around the edges add to the contextual richness of the image.  

Quis Ut Deus   

Seton Highschool. Manassas VA  

Artist: Ioana Belcea                          

Master Plasterer: Ian Hardwick  

Medium:  Buon Fresco     

Dimension: 15' x 20'                            

Date of completion: August  2016

Cut along the wing showing painted smooth intonaco plaster on the right, and rough arricio plaster on the left. 

Photography Jim Holmes