Seton Highschool, Manassas VA

Architect: Patrick Haggerty
Lead Artist and interior designer: Ioana Belcea 
Dedication: April 2016

Our Lady Queen of Angels is a new chapel built adjacent to the school and meant to service the needs of the Seton faith community. Ioana Belcea was contracted to design the interior of the chapel and execute the artwork within. Working closely with the architect while the chapel was still in its design stages, Ioana Belcea created a decorative and iconographic program respectful of the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, norms for liturgical art, and the wishes of the commissioners. The architectural design of the chapel is a modern interpretation of a medieval style. In keeping with it, the interior design aimed to honor the tradition, yet gave it a distinctly contemporary flair.  

The design included all the decorative elements of the sanctuary - color scheme, decorative patterns, lettering, gold leaf, columns, column capitals, Venetian plaster, partial stained glass window design, crucifix and two traditional buon frescos. The work was executed by Ioana Belcea as lead artist working with a team of professional artists and craftsmen, paid interns form local colleges, and apprentices and volunteers from the Seton student body.